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Network Assessments - Application Analysis Program

PacketRight Technologies work with your organization and provide a comprehensive report with our network assessment and application analysis program.


·         Get detailed insight to Internet and Wide Area Network (WAN) usage

·         Have the visibility and statistics to make informed decisions on how well your network resources are being used.

·         Find out how healthy and effective your business application are running.

·         Fix problems and identify ways to maximize performance or cut cost and avoid expensive upgrades to your network.


Our Certified Engineers will show you exactly how we conduct the Network Assessment beforehand so you will have a comfortable understanding of how we do it, and the valuable information you will receive. 
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Key things to consider and why a Network Assessment can help!


Maximize your return on network investments for business application delivery.

You’ve invested a fortune to set up and maintain your company’s network and WANs. But if you’re only using a portion of the possible bandwidth, or if your business isn’t seeing all of the potential benefits from the network, then you’re throwing money down the drain. The Network Assessment will provide application-level visibility of network activity, you’ll take the first step towards getting the most out of your network and maximizing performance- and employee productivity!

Align bandwidth costs, usage, and upgrades with business requirements.

When your network gets sluggish and those nagging complaint emails start piling up in your Inbox, the knee-jerk reaction is to throw money at more bandwidth or unilateral acceleration. But is that really the best solution? In fact, it’s only when you have visibility into network activity (from A to Z) that you can make intelligent decisions about what solutions are most beneficial.

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