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Blue Coat PacketShaper Professional Services               


PacketRight Technologies is a Blue Coat Systems Authorized Solutions Partner with over 10 years experience in professional deployment and training with Blue Coat’s PacketShaper products. We are experts at it! We offer a variety of installation, training, and service options that will assure proper deployment and optimal usage of your PacketShaper system. Our service professionals are Blue Coat Certified Experts and highly experienced in deployments- large and small.


All service options can be customized specifically to meet your goals and needs.  


Contact PacketRight and speak to one of our Service Consultants about our special promotions and pricing.


Blue Coat PacketShaper Service options

Option 1
: Remote Installation Service

Designed to be an economical and effective way to properly setup and deploy your PacketShaper system with a PacketShaper Certified Expert. Have the utmost confidence your PacketShaper is setup and configured correctly for your specific site and deployment needs.

Option 2
System Audit and Review

Designed to provide a “Shape Up” analysis and health check on configuration settings and internal workings of your PacketShaper. Great for a post-installation review or 90 day routine assessment with a PacketShaper Certified Expert.

Option 3: On-Site Installation Service

This service is designed to provide hands-on assistance with your PacketShaper deployment with additional time built-in to work with you on bandwidth management settings (Policies/Partitions), and advanced and/or customized configuration setup.

If you have 1 unit or 100, in a straight line deployment or more complex High-Availability / Full Redundancy Network; a PacketShaper Certified Expert will be on-site to work with your organization and get the installation and configuration settings done fast, efficient and right!   

Blue Coat PacketShaper Service options

Option 4
: Specialized (1-Day) On-Site
Adavnced Installation and Training     

This specialized service is an ideal opportunity to get people “ramped-up” with putting the PacketShaper unit to “work” in your network. Empower your staff with the tools and knowledge of working with the PacketShaper during this hands-on interaction with a PacketShaper Certified Expert. Focus on what is most important to you and really get to know how the PacketShaper works.  


After your unit is in, this service is perfect to gain general information and/or training on the product, or, specifically focus on key topics of importance. This is a great way to add useful knowledge about the PacketShaper to one of our installation options.

Option 5: Specialized (2-Day) On-Site
Adavnced Installation and Training 

Option 5 is a more detailed and extensive version of Option 4, with a much deeper dive into the PacketShaper training and installation process.

In addition to getting one or multiple PacketShaper units deployed, key items can be selected from a training curriculum that are most important to your operations and training needs. Those items will be focused on in detail during this 2-day hands-on interactive session with a PacketShaper Certified Expert.  

All service options can be customized to match your specific needs. Please contact a PacketRight Service Consultant for more details 
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